The Epic Willys Adventure

For many, the sense of adventure comes naturally, for others; it is simply a dream that is held onto with the thought or hopes that; “One day I’m going to…” Those that view life as a journey will always have that burning desire deep inside to push the envelope, achieve…

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Powering air lockers without a compressor?

I recently found myself in one of those “upgrade” situations with one of our older Jeep vehicles, a 1988 Wrangler. For close to twenty years we have made use of a spool in the rear and an automatic locker in the front. In that time I had wanted to swap…

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Indiana Off-Road

french lick jeep jamboree

We’re back once again for a weekend of wheeling in Indiana during the fall. Another great event held just outside of the town of French Lick (yes, that really is the name of the town) famous for many of its visitors throughout the years. It would be debatable who the…

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