ARB Recovery Kit Premium Review

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When it’s time to outfit your Jeep with recovery gear there isn’t necessarily an exact list of “must haves”. You can flip through magazines, go online or talk to your buddies and you will get a long list of options and suggestions. We all know how much (or how little) space there actually is when we start packing what we think we’ll need on the trails for a day or weekend of wheeling, as we all know that space fills up quickly.

One thing you should outfit your vehicle with is a good selection of items that may be used for a recovery situation. This may come in the form of tow straps, clevises, gloves and other items that may be needed if you have to winch or pull your buddy out of that mud hole he swore he could make it through. There are also situations when axles or other components break, you get stuck in snow, engine failure, the list continues of what could possibly happen that you would need to get a vehicle out of a sticky situation.

ARB has about the best recovery kit that we have found and it comes in its own carrying case. If you’ve ever had to run a hundred yards of the Rubicon Trail with five different items you’ll appreciate the ability to carry one bag that has what you need. I have been using these recovery kits for years and since we’re outfitting a 2014 Rubicon it just made sense that this was included in the build.

The ARB Recovery Kit comes in a durable carry bag that has dividers for quick and easy access and keeps the items in their respective areas for those times when you need to grab and go.

(1) ARB501 Recovery Bag Large

Included in the recovery kit are three straps, each has a color designation for easy recognition when trying to identify or explain to someone exactly which strap you’re after.

  1. ARB705 17,500lb Snatch Strap (Orange)
  2. ARB730 26,500lb x 10’ Tree Trunk Protector (Green)
  3. ARB720 9,900lb x 66’ Winch Extension Strap (Purple)

The kit also comes with a pair of gloves to protect the hands while winching as well as two clevises for rigging the straps. If that wasn’t impressive enough for one kit it even has a snatch block and recovery damper.

  1. GLOVES Leather Recovery Gloves
  2. ARB207D 10,640lbs, 3/4” Pin, D-Shackle
  3. ARB10100020 Snatch Block 9000
  4. ARB220 Recovery Damper

ARB has pretty much covered everything in this handy recovery bag and provided all that you should need to get out of most recovery situations with the exception of the winch. I can’t count how many times I have relied on these kits for work as well as in my general travels. The fact that it fits in single carry bag making it easy to organize this kit is a no brainer for me.

For additional info on this and other products from ARB check them out at:

Note per ARB Recovery Kit:

The ARB Premium Recovery Kit (P/No. RK9US) is not suitable for all vehicles. Please verify your recovery working loads before ordering the kit. ARB recommends using a snatch strap that is 3-4x the vehicle weight, therefore, ARB recommends this kit for vehicles 5,600lbs and under. Perfect for Jeep Wranglers, small pick-ups like the Toyota Tacoma and small SUVs like the FJ Cruiser, Nissan Xterra and Toyota 4Runner.


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