Keen Footwear

Having a passion for being and working outdoors, some of the tools of the trade I use and go through often are shoes. Most of the time I can be found wearing Keen’s. During the winter months I wear my Keen boots and in the summer when I’m running the trails, driving, hiking, guiding or just out playing, I’m usually wearing my Keen sandals.

I was recently on a work project running up and down trails while guiding on an event. Now whether I have to get from place to place on a slick rock trail in Moab, or in Southern California running through the sand I have very little time to be adjusting my shoes making people waiting on me to get to my next position. When I say that I depend on my shoes to get me where I need to be in quick fashion, I really mean it.

This particular set of sandals had a blow out on both shoes in the same place, I don’t know what the reason was or what had caused it but I thought I would reach out to Keen. I simply wanted to see if there was any support that I might get from them on their product.

Now for a little bit of the back story, I’m the type of guy that when I find a product like a pair of boots or shoes I like; I’ll go buy a couple of extra pair so that I know the style and fit I like will be there as my next pair. Like I said, I go through quite a bit of footwear since I’m on my feet all of the time in harsh conditions that wear my shoes out quickly. It just so happened that the set of shoes I purchased had been a set aside for a year or so before putting them into use.

After the blowout of my sandal I got online and sent Keen a warranty claim. I called their customer service department and spoke with a very helpful and friendly customer service representative. I explained my situation to her as well as the back story and she said she would look for the claim and see if she could help. During the call I did mention to her that I had purchased the shoes a couple of seasons earlier and that I had just put them to use within the last year. Within twenty-four hours I had an email that my warranty claim had been approved and a credit towards Keen’s footwear products was attached so I could purchase online.

The reason that I am writing this is to share my positive story of the professionalism of Keen and their representatives. The fact that after being honest with them about my purchase and that it was out of their normal one year warranty time frame, they quickly took care of their customer’s (my) needs. I have been wearing Keen footwear for years, never had any issues with their shoes but when I did they took care of me right away. Keen now has a customer for life simply because of their quality customer care and fine products!

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