Indiana Off-Road

We’re back once again for a weekend of wheeling in Indiana during the fall. Another great event held just outside of the town of French Lick (yes, that really is the name of the town) famous for many of its visitors throughout the years. It would be debatable who the most recognizable guests have been since the local resorts have had celebrities, presidents, reputed gangsters and a long list of others in their guest registries over the years. Along with that list are various historical stories and tales of those visitors that make for great CB chatter while out on the trails or around the campfire. Stories of how Al Capone and his crew hid slot machines in caves when they heard the revenuers were coming to confiscate them, a cabin where only the stone fireplace now remains and marks the spot of a supposed gangster hideout.

The town of French Lick still has a couple of resorts that are hotels and casinos with pictures, memorabilia, donations from past guests, art and other items that bring out a host of other stories of things that went on in the area during the prohibition era as well as the not so decent past. If you’re not into trail riding and more of the gambling type you could easily spend the day in the casinos and around town checking things out, for the ladies… there are spas and shopping.

The event last year was the complete opposite of this year by comparison when it came to the weather and the conditions. This year with a burn ban in affect everyone had to be very careful not to accidentally start a fire with something as simple as a hot catalytic convertor so everyone was extremely cautious and aware of the conditions. Last year you couldn’t have started a fire with a torch and a gallon of gas, things were so wet and the rain came down fast and heavy enough that there was flash flooding in the area. Amazing the difference a year can make, the trail’s were dry and dusty this year and the participants had as much fun while eating dust as they did the previous year wallowing in the mud.

Always a great event to attend for multiple reasons since this Jeep Jamboree keeps many of the same folks coming back year after year; another treat about this one is that we get to see many of the great sponsors and manufacturers of some of the most recognizable products out there on the Jeeps and trails. Representatives from Hi-Lift Jacks are commonly in attendance annually with product advice, discounts, freebie items and news on new products from the company. Another great sponsor is Goodyear and is generally with us for the weekend showing what the participants can expect from the proven and highly recognizable and popular Goodyear MTR’s. This shows that those behind these fine products actually use them in real world application and use them out on the trails while wheeling.

Surprisingly enough Indiana has some great wheeling around the state for the folks in the Midwest to get out and play. If you’re close or are just looking for a reason to get to that part of the country check it out, there are plenty of places to wheel and play.

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