SEC Candle Review

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Being an outdoor enthusiast and a regular traveler I like to visit various sporting goods stores and shops and wander around. During one of my regular stops while traveling I stopped into a little shop and was looking around when I spotted something that caught my eye. Something called the “SEC Candle”.

Since I travel on average of 800-1,000 miles a week I have built myself a small survival kit that I figure can sustain me for a good week if I come into a “worse case scenario” situation.  As soon as I saw and began to inspect the SEC Candle it was obvious that this was something that every traveler, camper or survival oriented individual should have.

It is a simple yet complete system that is designed to provide light, heat, cooking and various other means of use should it be needed in an emergency situation. Constructed of aluminum the unit comes with a 22 oz. square container for cooking, a 10 oz. drinking cup with a lid, matches, candles and gel for fuel, and a chain for hanging the unit as a lantern as well as a carrying case that can be used as a heating pad.

While testing and using this product I was continually surprised at how many things this could be used for from a stove to heat snow into water if one should be stranded or even if you are unsure of a water source and wanted to boil it first. It can be used to cook with, as a heat source for a tent, camper or even a stranded vehicle. It is compact enough that it will fit under a seat, in a trunk or in most vehicle storage areas and even in a backpack for hikers.

The SEC Candle is something that I would not only recommend but that I suggest every winter time traveler, hiker, camper or anyone who just likes to have the tools they need to be prepared should have. For the small cost of this unit it is a bargain and a must have for everyone’s survival list and is one of those great gift ideas for the hunter or outdoors man on your shopping list.

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