Kentucky Crawlin

Wheeling in the south is perfect for a late season get away if you want to spend some time in an area that you can take in the fall colors and get in some great wheeling. The area around Williamsburg Kentucky and Jellico Tennessee is a great destination for several reasons. If one was to head there just for the wheeling it would be well worth the trip. The trails around the area are off-camber with a lot of twists and turns and the likelihood of getting “pin stripping” is almost guaranteed.

This year the weather was dry and the temps were great, last year we fought torrential rains and flooding that actually washed out some of the trails and left several Jeeps stranded. It was a nice change that made conditions perfect, the surroundings and colors visible making for great photo opportunities. The weekend was spent running back roads that wind through the hills, up, down and over mountains that had stops where we were able to see some spectacular views of the valleys for miles. Some of the other trails were simply creek beds that had as many obstacles as you could want to find, huge boulders combined with wet and muddy tires the challenges went on all day and we barely went a mile.

If you’re looking for something to do in the area other than wheeling and happen to be there in late season, Cumberland Falls has what is referred to as a “Moon bow”.  A moon bow is a Lunar or white rainbow and can only be seen in a few places around the world a few times a year. This is just another one of the things that make a trip to this part of the country a worthwhile stop during ones stay and you hear many of the locals highly recommending that it should be seen.

There are so many places around the country that stand above others as places that are well worth the travel to get to in order to go wheeling. Southeastern Kentucky and northeastern Tennessee have some incredible scenery, wheeling and kind people that make it one of my top picks as a favorite place to go wheeling. If you have the chance or opportunity to check the area out I invite you to do so, I think you’ll like it.

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