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Previously we had the opportunity to test the HELIOS by Jet Boil to use it while camping and cooking for a group, well there are times when there are just one or two people and there isn’t a need for cooking a large meal. There are also times when just something as simple as a can of soup or hot water for coffee or cocoa is all that is desired or needed and in other situations like back packing, you want to utilize space and weight as best as you can and a smaller cooking unit is preferred. Once again Jet Boil has the solution for being able to cook while out on your favorite hike, camping trip or any other outdoor adventure you may be on while still needing to cook small amounts or separate servings. That solution is the “Flash”.

The Flash is a compact cooking system that is designed around its portability and size but is still able to do what the larger cooking systems offered by Jet Boil are capable of. This smaller unit holds 1 liter of fluid and is able to boil that liter of water in 2 minutes which makes cooking dinner out on the trail quick and easy. Coffee in the morning, soup in the afternoon or a dehydrated meal in the evening for dinner; the Flash is a well rounded, simple system that is also compact enough to travel with on any adventure because of the size.

The last thing that I would like to acknowledge is how the Flash system lets you know it’s ready, the indicator window turns orange to let you know that the cup is heating and allows you a way to monitor the heating process. I have been using JetBoil products for years now and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use, portability and overall quality of their products. 

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