Helios by Jetboil Review

When spring and summer approach the planning for hiking, climbing and camping trips begin, with that comes the thought and process of gathering gear. While there are many items to consider taking along on any outing or adventure cooking utensils are some of the most important as well as needed and probably the most frequently used items.

These items need to be lightweight, dependable, and in a size that is portable enough to fit in a backpack or small storage container. The HELIOS™ by JETBOIL is a high capacity cooking system that is perfect for cooking for a couple or small group; it is designed so that everything fits into the unit for ease of portability and quick set up. Whether you’re needing to cook a meal for the group or if you are in need of melting snow for water, to boiling an unsure water source for drinking it is nice to know that all you have to do is reach for one thing and dinner or drinking water can be ready in a matter of a few short minutes.

The HELIOS™ is great for so many uses while out in the wild. When you’re out for a few days you want to minimize what you have to carry and the weight that it will all amount to. I like to use the dehydrated meals and just boil some water and prepare the meal and toss it right back in the pot for ease of serving. I have also taken “ready to heat and eat” soups and chili and been able to cook them up quickly and have a nice meal that’s quick, hot and easy to make and clean up.

The design of this unit is simple yet impressive on how quickly it heats up what ever it is you plan to cook. I also like the fact that it has the igniter in place so I don’t have to fool with turning knobs for fuel while trying to reach for matches and strike them to get the fire going. Ease of use is everything when it comes to depending on your equipment to get you through the days and nights out in the elements.

Some of the other great things that I really like about the HELIOS™ systems are the fact that it also comes with lids (top and bottom) that double as plates. There are handles that fold out for holding the pot while stirring or serving and the unit cooks hot but you don’t have to worry about every surface of the unit being so hot you’ll get burned if you bump it. It truly does make for the perfect, packable cooking system and is incredibly user friendly.

JETBOIL is a name that is recognized in the industry for good reason; they have a complete line of personal and group cooking systems that are suitable for any outing. They also have a great online support system where you can find some great recipes to try with your choice of products from JETBOIL, check them out at http://www.jetboil.com.

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