Misch 4×4 JK Headrest Pad Review

By now you have seen that we had showcased many of the fine products from Misch 4X4 Products. These folks just keep bringing out new ideas and products that we feel worthy of showcasing and spreading the word about.

Misch’s product line for Jeeps is simply based around the need for comfort or organization, they have certainly found a market for their creations and with the huge success of the Jeep Wrangler JK they have come up with some great items. The headrest pad is much like the console pad that we have also showcased for the fact that it is something that can add a little bit of comfort to your Jeep at an affordable price and is easy to install.

This pad attaches to the headrest to obviously give you some extra padding and comfort should you be out on the trail wheeling and getting jostled around or if you happen to be on a road trip and want to lay your head back and get a little rest (preferably while sitting in the passenger’s seat).

This is another great product made in the USA and worthy of considering for your Jeep and can be purchased online at www.misch4x4.com

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