Misch JK Arm Rests Review

Jeep Accessories

If you have checked into some of our other product reviews in the past you may remember us doing a door handle swap on an older Jeep Wrangler swapping out the; always prone to breaking door strap for the combination door handle/armrest produced by Misch 4×4 Products. Well, we’re back again to show the new version for the 2007 and newer Jeep JK Wrangler.

These armrests were such a great addition we felt they are well worth showing and promoting the “next generation”. The install on these is like all of the other products Misch makes…. Easy enough for any “do it yourselfer”! Follow along with us on the install.

All you will need for this (with exception of a few hand tools) is included from Misch including detailed instructions. First with a Phillips head screw driver remove the two screws in the existing door pull (you may have to use a small magnet to get the screws out of the recessed hole). Next, insert the spacers that are included into the holes, take the mounting bracket and install it with the new, longer screws that are provided.

With the support bracket locked into place take two of the Allen head bolts and mount the armrest onto the bracket, position accordingly to your comfort and tighten the bolts.

There you have it, repeat the process for the passenger side and you now have a good support for resting your arm as well as a secure handle to pull the door shut with.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Coliseum Motors of Casper Wyoming for their assistance in providing us with vehicles for our fit test and product review. If you are ever in the southern part of Wyoming and are shopping for a new or used vehicle we highly recommend that you stop and see them at 6101 E 2nd St in Casper.

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