Misch JK Center Console Pad Review

Misch is a company that has based their product line and designs on adding comfort and function to the vehicles they have applications for. Many of these items are specific for Jeep owners, this is one of them.

One of the most popular and frequently seen driving positions is with one arm resting on the center console. Now, manufacturer recommendations are that you drive with one hand positioned at 10 o’clock and the other at 2 o’clock but we all know how many times we see the afore mentioned position. For those of you that drive that way or just need some extra padding on the console for any passengers that may be resting an arm there Misch has another item specifically designed for your comfort.

Simple in design and simple on the install this pad mounts quickly and easily utilizing four torque-head screws on the side of the center console. Remove the four screws, place the pad on top with the flaps hanging down, line up the eyelets and replace the factory screws. Now you have a nice pad to rest on and it blends right into the interior and looks as good as it functions providing that extra cushion.

This is another great product that we wanted to showcase because of the fact that we know there are getting to be a lot of JK owners out there. Sometimes you just don’t hear about or know of these items so we wanted to help spread the word and keep Misch recognized as the company to choose when it comes to additional comfort choices for your Jeep.

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