TeraFlex Visits Thermopolis Wyoming with 307 Adventures

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Teraflex Visits Wyoming

Follow along as Teraflex joins 307 Adventures on a breathtaking Wyoming expedition: Jeeps, history, beautiful landscapes, and even some paranormal activity!

Who Is Teraflex?

Teraflex isn’t just another name in the off-road industry, it one one that is synonymous with innovation and leadership.

We have partnered and worked with them for several projects and for our own Jeep builds. Here is “Teracon” a 2014 Jeep Rubicon we built for the trails utilizing their fine line of products. The company is great, the products are as well and the customer service, is second to none.

Dennis Wood and Steve, the man behind the camera who’s responsible for the amazing content from TeraFlex, they join us to explore Wyoming. On one of the overland adventures trekking across the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming, Steve did what Steve does best. He captured many of the often missed historical gems within the state and added some humor to the adventure.

Where Did We Go?

The majority of the trip was centered in and around the small community of Thermopolis. Wyoming was home to many of the most famous and infamous characters of the Wild West. The likes of Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, Amelia Earhart, Tom Horn and countless others traversed this countryside.

The group explored The Red Hole area just outside of Thermopolis which was primarily an abandoned oilfield. After a couple of hours of exploring the painted desert the caravan of Jeeps crawled their way to Gebo.

Gebo, another forgotten historical site that holds mystery and claim to being one of several haunted sites within the state. The town popped up on the Wyoming plains in the early 1900’s and thrived for close to three decades. Back in the day, Gebo boasted a population of over twenty thousand residents, by the late 70’s, it was forgotten.

But Wait, There’s More…

We enjoyed a hearty lunch and wandered around the remnants of the still standing houses. Afterwards, we loaded up and headed for Meeteetse to top off the fuel tanks before we jumped off the pavement.

With the Jeeps fueled up we headed towards Kerwin, one of the most haunted places in the state of Wyoming.

Along the way there was plenty of wildlife to view and the setting was spectacular!

Patagonia X/T from Milestar, a real world test.
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