We test and review the Trailer Coupler Lock by BOLT

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We see Jeep vehicles towing everything from adventure trailers to camper trailers, others are hauling quads, boats and even snowmobiles. But we rarely think about the security and value of these investments when they’re not in use. When the fun is over, we park them and then it’s out of sight, out of mind. Enter, the Trailer Coupler Lock from BOLT.

When a representative for BOLT reached out to introduce to their product line, we were intrigued and very interested.

A New Design To Us

From time to time, manufacturers will reach out and ask if we’ll consider looking at their products for possible testing and review. Some products fit with our knowledge and customer base, some don’t. Before we agree, we take into consideration whether it will benefit those who align with our industry interests or not. If so, we try to give these products a “Real World” test to see how it performs and works with how we use our vehicles.

Not being familiar with the products offered from BOLT, we were certainly looking forward to learning more about the company and its products. Now, there must be dozens (if not more) of lock manufacturers selling everything from paddle locks to hitch pin locks and other lock related items. The marketing ingenuity behind BOLT is that their locking systems are designed to code with your vehicle ignition key!

Why Lock Your Trailer?

In the past few years, we’ve seen the rise in crime and unfortunately, the theft of trailers and the property enclosed in them. We hear about it all the time, recently a couple of people we know personally went through this. The common denominator in these thefts, both trailers did NOT have a hitch lock of any kind. Whether it’s faith in humanity or complacency, we forget that we’re all susceptible to property theft.

Sometimes trying to keep track of so many keys for various locks is just a hassle. Then it’s a matter of do we, or don’t we, want to deal with the headache of multiple keys. BOLT has the cure to these issues with their design. They offer a full line of products that allow the consumer to literally lock everything utilizing a single key.

As soon as our lock system showed up we wanted to dig in and check it out. First, we unboxed and confirmed that all the items for the locking system were there. It is a very simple system they have designed with just a few basic parts so it took seconds.


How It Works

The first step and process of “Coding” the key is extremely easy, almost too easy. Simply insert the vehicle ignition key into the included lock and turn it clockwise until it stops, that’s it. Cycle the key three times per the instructions to verify the lock did properly code the key.

There are two separate inserts that fit into the hitch and lock the unit into place depending on the hitch requirements. In our case, we have two trailers that utilize a different size trailer ball for each. It only takes a ¾” wrench or socket to swap one for the other, with a single bolt, it’s ready to use on either trailer.

Decide which size works, bolt it to the base, insert it into the hitch and secure it with the hitch latch. The connecting piece is a flat strap that brings it all together and locks with the pin. It’s an incredibly simple, yet effective design.

In a matter of minutes, either of my trailers can be securely locked with the same locking mechanism. Another thing I like about the Trailer Coupler Lock from BOLT is, I don’t have to change a full-size ball or buy multiple hitch locks.

Here are the instructions for a quick overview of how easy the system is to use.

Things I Like

There are many things I do like about the Trailer Coupler Lock from BOLT and its versatility. While doing a review, I must look at the things I like, and those I don’t. I like that I can use one system on multiple trailers. It is lightweight and secure, I also like the fact that even though it’s not a cosmetic add on, it’s not an eyesore while in use.

This system didn’t give me any reason to complain, but I do see things that could be different.

Is It Perfect?

It would be nice to have each ball simulator marked with which size hitch it fits. Although it’s not hard to figure out which simulator to use, a glance and grab system is easy.

I could only think of one thing that made me wonder if it was the perfect system for me personally or not.

I own multiple tow rigs. Because of that, I’m now forced to carry keys to two separate vehicles if I didn’t use the vehicle coded to the locks. In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of the product design. A possible solution is to have separate locks to swap out every time I tow with a different rig. Again, contrary for what the design is trying to accomplish.

Final Verdict

For locking my trailers at home or if I only towed with one vehicle, I am completely sold!

With a possible a design allowing a small, secondary key to be used with different tow rigs, I would have every access point plus the hitch protected with BOLT’s products. With a secondary, standard size back up key, the stated issue would be resolved.

Overall, I like the quality, ease and appearance of the Trailer Coupler Lock. I would have zero reservations recommending this product to others and, I have a sense of security knowing my trailer is locked with it.

Check out our testing process in the YouTube video link below…

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