The Jeep Rear Under Seat Lockbox from Tuffy

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Jeep Under Seat Lockbox

There is one brand and one brand alone when we think of vehicle security, that’s Tuffy Security Products. Here we’ll take the opportunity to showcase one of those products, the Tuffy “Under Seat Lockbox.”

Our History With Tuffy

For years we have utilized products from Tuffy for our own vehicles, in builds for customers and for restoration projects. We’re currently working on a 2020 Jeep Gladiator and had the opportunity to incorporate Tuffy’s products into this project. While conversing with a representative on an unrelated project, we were asked if we would review a storage lockbox. Knowing the company and the quality from Tuffy, we agreed to check out the “Under Seat Lockbox“.

Why Lockable Storage?

Many times, Jeep owners pull the top off and head for the hills, we’re no different. When you remove the top and doors, the interior is exposed and security now becomes an issue. Having storage that is bolted down, locked up and pretty well hidden, relaxing on the trail gets much easier. Out of sight out of mind right?

How We’re Going To Use It

While building our Jeep Gladiator project dubbed “Crixus,” we installed the Rear Under-seat Lockbox. What a perfect opportunity to show those who may be interested, how it installs, fits and looks. Our Jeep vehicles get used for adventure trips, camping and other outings so while we’re adventuring, we want security. As previously stated, we have relied on Tuffy’s products for years and we know the quality very well.

The Preparation

It literally takes minutes of preparation to install the under seat lockbox. Simply remove the four factory bolts holding the plastic unit in place and remove the factory storage unit.

The Tuffy Under Seat Lockbox

Unbox the new storage lockbox and open it so the mounting holes are accessible. If necessary, get help from someone to reduce risk of damage to the vehicle and put it in place.

The Installation

Before you bolt the unit down, four flat washers must be installed on the mounting brackets under the lockbox. This is where having assistance can be helpful to avoid damaging the vehicle. Carefully set the storage unit down on the brackets without moving the washers, next, install the bolts and lock washers.

I tightened the bolts with a quarter inch ratchet and torx head and was done in minutes.

My Takeaway

Having a safe place to store the items that you don’t intend, or want to take with, can be paramount. With lockable storage, items can be left behind knowing they’ll be there when you get back. For hunters that may be traveling with firearms, the lock box is capable of securely storing those too. It is a great, lockable storage area for travel or emergency items that stay with the vehicle until needed. Safely stored and conveniently out of sight until they are needed for whatever reason.

Storage And Security In Minutes

It’s easy to access, conveniently hidden and easily installs where the factory unit was mounted. Four bolts securely lock the under-seat storage unit in place. Although the factory hardware isn’t used, Tuffy does include new bolts, washers and lock washers for the installation.

Tuffy advertises the box to have 2000 cubic inches of secure, concealed storage. We didn’t measure it down to the square inch, but, it certainly has as much space as the cheap, factory unit we replaced. It’s made of 1/8” steel and comes with two locks (one on each side) for double the security.

What I Would Change

The only issue I found unappealing is the fact that in order to remove the rear floor mats, I will consistently have to remove the lockbox. Not that it’s a huge issue but if there’s a spill or accident, it’s no longer an easy cleanup.

For full disclosure, I am unaware of how this affects other platforms but with our Jeep Rubicon, the mats cannot be removed without removal of the lockbox first.


I have no doubt that we’ll get plenty of use out of this under-seat lockbox from Tuffy!

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