Pakk Ratt

One thing that wheelers and adventurers face is trying to figure out where to place all of the gear that we need to make sure that whatever the circumstances, we will have the necessary equipment; no matter how far from home or civilization we might be. It seems as though we get more equipped we have less and less space for ourselves to go along or inevitably, we will need access to that one item that just wasn’t needed last trip so somehow it wound up at the very bottom of whatever storage area we have for all of these items.

The folks at PAKK RATT have come up with a solution by building a spare tire cover that is so much more than that. The PAKK RATT utilizes the wasted space inside the tire itself and has created a storage area that is not only quick and easy to access, it also looks great. They have integrated a buckle system outside and a space inside the cover that can be used to store everything from winch controls, shovels, saws, gloves, tree savers, bungee cords etc. The buckles on the outside are for a tow strap to be in place and accessible on the trail. The tow strap keeper on the outside eliminates a muddy strap having to be thrown in the back of the Jeep covering anything in contact with it with dirt, mud or water.

Having used this product out on the trail during multiple wheeling trips I have found it more and more useful each time and I am completely impressed with the quality in the design. The PAKK RATT is available in all tire sizes and is made with high grade Poly Nylon dyed canvas; it is available in black or camouflage with two versions to choose from, the “Off Road” and the “Universal” which can be used on inside mounted spares as well as trailer mounted.

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